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Host A Canadian Championship

Bid Process

Each year at the CBSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), bids are received by Provincial Associations or independent promoters to host any of the CBSA Championships. If you belong to a Province that has a functioning Provincial Association, then the bid must be submitted by your Association. The AGM has been held in the past during the Snooker Championships in June.

The CBSA Championships consist of Open Pool (Open 8, 9 & 10-Ball / Women’s 9 & 10-Ball), Amateur Pool (Men’s & Women’s 8 & 9-Ball / Junior 9-Ball), and Snooker (Open & Senior). Bids are accepted for any of these event, or any combination of the three Championships.

Host Responsibilities

VENUE: Provide a venue with enough space for at least four snooker tables (6 x 12) for the Open Snooker Championships, and / or eight nine ball tables (4 1/2 x 9) for the Open Pool or Amateur Pool Championships.

TABLES: Must have new cloth (one to two months old), and proper lighting.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Locate a host Hotel / Motel with reasonably priced rooms as close as possible to the venue. Provincial Associations and / or participants responsible for making their own reservations. CBSA will need a Board Room at host Hotel / Motel, or venue to hold their Annual General Meeting, usually during the Snooker Championships.

TROPHIES: Provide a winner and runner-up trophy for each division.

OFFICIALS - SNOOKER: Provide enough snooker referees to oversee the round robin, and one for each table for the elimination rounds. Officials will also be required for the senior division. The host is responsible for all expenses associated with the snooker officials.

OFFICIALS - POOL: Provide enough pool officials to work the floor at all times. The host is responsible for all expenses associated with the pool officials.

ADDED MONEY: Hosts have added money in the past to the prize pools.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: One needed for snooker, and one for pool. The snooker Tournament Director could be the head referee, and the Tournament Director for pool could be the head pool official.

DURATION OF THE CHAMPIONSHIPS: The minimum days required to host the Championships are as follows:

  • Open Snooker – 8 days
  • Open Pool – 6 days
  • Amateur Pool – 5 days
The duration is determined by the amount of tables available, & if any of the Championships are combined.

INTERNET ACCESS: Some sort of internet (wireless), so the results can be updated on the CBSA website in a timely matter.

CBSA’s Responsibilities

  • Secure an official table, cue, and cloth sponsor for the Championships.
  • Allocate spots for each Province, in each division. Fields consist of:
    • Snooker:
      • open - 40
      • senior - 24
    • 9-Ball:
      • open - 64
      • women – 32
      • amateur men – 64
      • amateur women - 32
      • junior – 32
    • 8-Ball:
      • open - 64
      • amateur men – 64
      • amateur women - 32
    • 10-Ball:
      • open – 64
      • women - 32
  • Collect sanction fees, and name of entries from each Provincial Association, plus collect Provincial CBSA fees, $25.00 per entry.
  • Conduct a player's meeting for each division.
  • Make the draw for each division.
  • Support, and assist the host as required, in the actual running of the event.

All the above information is available as a downloadable pdf. Please contact a CBSA Board of Directors member for any other information.

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