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2015 Canadian Open Pool Championships

The Championships will run from March 30 - April 4 at the Delta Meadowvale, Mississauga, ON, in conjunction with the CCS Nationals.


Diamond Billiards Product will be supplying the pool tables for the CBSA Nationals.


The dates for each of the divisions are as follows:

  1. Monday March 30 - Tuesday March 31 - Open 8-Ball
  2. Wednesday April 1 - Thursday April 2 - 10-Ball (Open & Women's)
  3. Friday April 3 - Saturday April 4 - 9-Ball (Open & Women's)


There will be a minimum of $3,500 added to the Championships.


The host hotel is the Delta Meadowvale. The Tournament Rate is $129 double occupancy. When reserving, please mention the CBSA/CCS and ask for Group Code – GCC0315. It’s best to book early as, after Mon Mar 2nd, 2015, all rooms will be released for general sale.
Toll free number: 1 (800) 422-8238
Website address:


The sanction fee for each division is:

  1. Open 8-Ball: Open Ranked $325; Amateur Ranked $175
  2. Open / Women 9-Ball: Open Ranked $325; Amateur Ranked $175
  3. Open / Women 10-Ball: Open Ranked $225; Amateur Ranked $175

This will be the first year for the tiered sanction fees. A Provincial affiliation fee of $25 per spot will also have to be paid for each spot that your Province fills.

For additional information on the Championships, view/download the tournament information sheet (pdf). Please contact your Provincial Association / Delegate for information in how to participate in this Championships.

Diamond Billiards is the CBSA's Newest Gold Sponsor

On behalf of The Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association and the Canadian Cue Sport Association we are very pleased to announce that Diamond Billiard Products has come on board as the official table sponsor of the 2015 Canadian Combined Pool Championships.

"Having an affiliation with a company like Diamond Billiard Products and the reputation they have in the industry is invaluable to our present and future goals in Canada. Being able to host our Open Pool events on Diamond pool tables means every one of our competitors this coming season will know they are playing on the very best equipment available. And that in turn reflects well on us," notes CBSA President Steve Cooper.

The 2015 Canadian Combined Pool Championships are slated for The Delta Meadowvale Hotel and Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and will run from March 30-April 4th, 2015. Scheduled events include CCS team events, as well as 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball for both men and women. National champions will go on to represent Canada at the WPA (World Pool – Billiard Association) World Championships.

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  • Tom Theriault (NB) - 2009 Amateur Mens 9 Ball Champion

  • Jason Klatt (ON) - 2013 Open 8 Ball Champion

  • Barry Larone (ON) - 2014 Senior Snooker Champion

  • Marc Godin (ON) - 2013 Amateur Mens 9 Ball Champion

  • Kayla Jones (ON) - 2013 Womens 8 Ball Champion

  • Hanna Kwon (ON) - 2009 Amateur Womens 9 Ball Champion

  • Rod Arsenault (ON) - 2010 Amateur Mens 9 Ball Champion

  • John Morra (ON) - 2010 Open 10 Ball Champion

  • Jim Whittaker (AB) - 2013 Senior Snooker Champion

  • Alain Martel (QC) - 2009 Open 9 Ball and Open 10 Ball Champion

  • John Morra (ON) - 2012 Open 10 Ball Champion

  • Jason Klatt (ON) - 2014 Open 9 Ball Champion

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