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2015 Pan-American Snooker Championships

The 2015 Pan-American Snooker Championships will be hosted by the Bolivian Billiard Federation at the Tennis Club in La Paz, Bolivia, January 27 - 30.

This event is recognized by the IBSF and the WSA, and the winner will receive:

  1. Entry into the 2015 WSA World Professional Snooker Championship (April/May)
  2. Automatic qualification to play on the WSA Professional Snooker Tour 2015-16
  3. Automatic qualification to play on the WSA Professional Snooker Tour 2016-17

That’s right – two years of playing on the world professional snooker tour – the world’s richest of any cue sport.

Canada has four spots for this event.

For full details, please check the tournament information sheet (pdf). Please contact Steve Cooper for any further information.

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CBSA OB Cue Raffle Winner

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  • Kayla Jones (ON) - 2013 Womens 8 Ball Champion

  • Alan Whitfield (ON) - 2014 Open Snooker Champion

  • Naomi Williams (ON) - 2011 Womens 10 Ball Champion

  • Floyd Ziegler (ON) - 2013 Open Snooker Champion

  • Rod Arsenault (ON) - 2010 Amateur Mens 9 Ball Champion

  • Naomi Williams (ON) - 2013 Womens 10 Ball Champion

  • Kristal McLeod (NS) - 2011 Senior Snooker Champion

  • Hanna Kwon (ON) - 2009 Amateur Womens 9 Ball Champion

  • Naomi Williams (ON) - 2012 Womens 10 Ball Champion

  • Theresa Hunter (NB) - 2014 Amateur Womens 9 Ball Champion

  • Alain Robidoux (QC) - 2009 Open Snooker Champion

  • Marc Godin (ON) - 2013 Amateur Mens 9 Ball Champion

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